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Workshops Available:

These are some of my workshops available:


Photography Workshop

A Beginner's Guide to Cyberpunk Street Night Photography: Learn Techniques for Capturing Neon Lights and Understanding Light Color Science.


Lightroom | Photoshop Workshop

From amateur to pro: Learn to color grade like a pro in Lightroom and Photoshop

Learn color grading, curves, skin retouching, and how to use software to enhance photos and videos.


Studio Lighting | Portraits

Elevate Your Photography Skills: Join our Studio Photography Workshop

Learn the techniques and secrets of successful studio photography in our hands-on, comprehensive workshop.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Cyberpunk Neon Style Photography

The Workshop

As a nighttime experienced photographer, I am offering workshops to teach you the skills I have learned over the years to master street neon and urban photography.

During the street night-walk course, you will learn:

  1. How to shoot for night photography
  2. How to operate your camera settings to capture street signs and neon lights
  3. Tips and tricks for shooting in low light
  4. How to use natural or artificial light to achieve the desired mood in your photos
  5. Night portrait photography techniques

Street Photography with a Cinematic Twist:

The Ultimate Workflow

Official street walk workshops are typically held every 3rd weekend of the month, check the calendar for the next available course.

Private street workshops are also available, contact me for more information.



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