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Workshops Available:


Photography Workshop

Learn the basic of CYberpunk Street Night Photography, understand what it takes to capture neon lights and light color science.


Lightroom | Photoshop Workshop

Learn the proncipal of color grading, curvers, skin retouching and how i manage to color grade my photos and videos.


Studio Lighting | Portraits

Ready to take your photography to the next level by taking studio photography? come to my studio to learn how i do it.

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Cyberpunk Neon Style Photography

The Workshop

The Cherry blossoms have been celebrated in Japanese culture for numerous centuries, an enigmatic event that lasts only a few days.

The bloom happens during the month of late march and early and mid April, my recommendation is to plan ahead and reserve a hotel, restaurant and your personal photographer since 90% of all services will be booked and over priced so plan ahead!!

Cinematic Street Photography

The Workflow

I teach most of my workshops as nutural as i can be, i exlpain the science behind it but at the same time i like to keep my explaination easy and simple for beginners and intermediate students, for those advanced users i also exlpain to them more technical terms that are more familiar with the color science and cinematic lighting.

The studio and Lightroom Color Grading toturials take place in my studio located in Setagaya around 15 minutes from Shibuya Station, the color grading workshop is also sometimes located in our creative agency offices in Harajuku district.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

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