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Workshops Available:


Photography Workshop

A Beginner's Guide to Cyberpunk Street Night Photography: Learn Techniques for Capturing Neon Lights and Understanding Light Color Science.


Lightroom | Photoshop Workshop

From amateur to pro: Learn to color grade like a pro in Lightroom and Photoshop

Learn color grading, curves, skin retouching, and how to use software to enhance photos and videos.


Studio Lighting | Portraits

Elevate Your Photography Skills: Join our Studio Photography Workshop

Learn the techniques and secrets of successful studio photography in our hands-on, comprehensive workshop.

Studio Photography

Learn Photography in Tokyo with Our Expert-Led Photowalk

Join us for a unique photography experience in Tokyo. Our walking photo workshop in English is the perfect way to explore and capture the city.

During the walking photo workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore different neighborhoods and landmarks in Tokyo while learning about photography.

I will provide tips and tricks on how to capture the best photos, and you will have the chance to practice and improve your skills.

Tips for Capturing the Best Photos in Tokyo:

Pay attention to lighting: Take advantage of the natural light and try to avoid shooting in harsh sunlight.

Get creative with angles: Experiment with different perspectives, such as shooting from high or low angles.

Use leading lines: Look for lines that lead the eye into the frame, such as roads, bridges, or railings.

Capture moments: Look for interesting people, activities, and events to capture.

Studio Portrait


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