posted by GUILLERMO ALARCON March, 25th 2018

I always imagined what it will be like to see a tattoo before actually getting one, this is when i realized i could body map using projection mapping a technology i was already using for the past 10 years during my years of 3D Animator VJ for Electronic Music Festivals, this method could definitely help Tattoo Artists and Clients to preview the final artwork straight from the sketch line art.

How many times we wished we could see it before we got it, possible even changes., covers ups, you name it, i mean the only time you actually get to see what you are about to get is when the Tattoo Artist is about to sketch your body before actually the ink is about to go in, not enough time to make final adjusetments, proportions and such.

I am hoping using this tech, i could provide help and support to Tattoo Studios, Artists, Designers and clients intererested to see where they want to take their body art to the next level.

The digital revolution i s upon us, and the digital tools available for us artists are incredible opportunities to take our art to the next level, stepping into the limitless boundaries of the technological revolution could only increase our skills and methods but also in ways never before seen practice in human history.

Merging this two sciences of Technology and Ancient Tattoo wisdom takes us back to the oldest recorded ways of humans preserving identity in ancient history, i called this the #ancientfuture the primal and the futuristic cyber neo age singularity.

I am open for collaborations with Local and International Tattoo artists interested in working together and collaborate with the clients needs, specifications and final Photography and Video of the finalized product.

I am currently based in Tokyo, Japan but open for traveling to meet client’s need if possible.

To contact me you can go trough the webform at the navigational system of my website or directly at [email protected]

I think a lot of my projection Artwork could be of great interest for multimedia artists and similar type of collaborators, for live exhibitions in Art Galleries or Performances.

If you interested in collaborations shoot me a message id love to collaborate!

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